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With the growing rate of the data produced every day, the need for good backup solutions is also increasing drastically. A good backup solution should be efficient enough that it takes minimal time to store and retrieve the data from it. In this article, we will talk about some of the most commonly used backup solutions these days i.e. Tape Library, Virtual Tape Library (VTL), Disk Arrays, Cloud Storage and Backup Servers. At the end of this article, we will state the working of Backup Appliance.

Some of The Most Widely Used Backup Solutions:

Since backing up your data is considered as one of the most critical tasks in any IT organization, hence you can back up your important data through multiple ways. Some of the most widely used backup solutions in today’s IT industry are discussed below:

Tape Library:

As the name implies, a tape library is, in fact, a collection of multiple magnetic tapes, which provides huge storage space for backing up the data. A tape library is also known as a tape silo. The storage capacity of a single tape library is very large as compared to a traditional hard drive but the drawback of using a tape library is that it takes a very long time to access the data that is once stored on a tape library.

Virtual Tape Library (VTL):

A virtual tape library (VTL) is the virtualized or simulated version of the regular tape library and it works by virtualizing multiple tape drives, which are then used in conjunction with the backup software. The biggest advantage of using a virtual tape library (VTL) is that it is much more performance efficient than the traditional tape library and it is highly cost-effective.

Disk Arrays:

A disk array is a container which consists of multiple disks that are connected together in order to provide a large amount of storage capacity. The most exceptional feature of a disk array is that it supports redundancy i.e. the data stored on it has multiple redundant copies which can easily be used to retrieve the data in case of a data loss. The most commonly used disk array models are known as Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN).

Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage is a storage virtualization model that provides infinitely scalable storage capacity for the ever-growing data production rate. It is the most commonly used and the most inexpensive backup solution these days.

Backup Servers:

Backup servers are dedicated servers that are specifically designed for backup purposes. A backup server is such a combination of hardware and software resources that provides efficient data backup and retrieval solutions. These servers are employed in every IT industry these days because data is considered the most expensive asset and everyone strives very hard to protect their data.

Backup Appliance:

It has the ability to integrate with the existing architectures by separating the primary data from the protected copies. Moreover, it also provides customizable backup tiering allowing data retention at minimal cost. The most important benefits of Backup Appliance are as follows:

●      Simplicity- It provides support for all software and hardware components.

●      Low Cost- It is highly affordable because of its balanced configuration.

●      Performance and Features- It ensures improved performance by dramatically reducing the actual amount of data required to be transferred and processed.

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